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Hybrid Cars What are Hybrid Cars?
Hybrid cars are the cars, which run on at-least one alternate source of energy and gasoline. Most of the time that other alternate source of energy for hybrid cars is electricity (rechargable batteries) hence those are called electric hybrid cars. These new hybrid cars are innovative, efficient and affordable.

Hybrid Electric Cars

Honda Civic HybridSedan
Toyota Prius HybridSedan
Honda Accord HybridSedan
Honda Insight HybridSedan
Ford Prodigy HybridSedan
Toyota Highlander HybridSUV
Ford Escape HybridSUV
Lexus RX 400h Hybrid SUVSUV
Lexus GS 450h Hybrid SUVSUV
Chevrolet Silverado HybridPick-Up
Dodge Ram HybridPick-Up

Why Hybrid Cars

Here are the reasons why you should choose a hybrid car instead of conventional gasoline car:
  1. A Hybrid car is environment friendly. It can reduce pollution by 90 percent.
  2. Hybrid cars are economical in medium and long run than normal gasoline cars.
  3. Hybrid cars are more reliable than electric cars, as they have gasoline as an alternate fuel.
  4. Hybrid cars makes you less dependent on fossil fuels (gasoline).
  5. Hybrid cars are more efficient, as they have smaller engines.
  6. Hybrid cars help in "Greenhouse Effect", as they lower the fuel emission.
  7. Hybrid cars improve mileage to a great extent.

Hybrid Car Prices

A hybrid car is not as expensive as one might think, although some variants may be quite expensive, depending upon the accessories added to it. The price range of a hybrid car is: approximately $24,000 to $31,500. Generally, hybrid vehicles are 20 percent costlier than conventional ones. A luxurious hybrid car can cost up to $100,000. The New federal fuel-economy requirement has caused almost every manufacturer to plan a new hybrid car. It would push down the price and increase the number of models in the future. Take a test drive and you will be pleasantly surprised by the ride and the concept of new hybrids. They are different and will take some time to get used to. The popularity of hybrid cars is increasing day by day. It is just a matter of time for these cars to kill some of the other gas guzzling vehicles and rule the road.

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